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Club history:

  • 2000.г. On July, 10th was called session of club of the Chow-chow which was spent by LKF president and clubman Chau-Chau Vija Kluchnietse. At this session in club board are chosen: I.Baumerte, I.Birjukova, V.Kluchnietse and A.Katsare. The president of club choose I.Baumerte.

  • 2000.г. there were only Chow-chow breed dogs in club

  • 2002 to the Chow-chow have joined Siberian husky and Basenji.

  • 2003 the quantity of clubmen made 26 persons and the first representative of Samoed has joined to ours not the big company

  • 2004 the quantity of clubmen has made 30 persons

  • 2004 On January, 27th the club is re-registered and has replaced the name on «National club of the Chow-chow and primitive breeds of dogs». The charter of club and breeding regulations is accepted.

  • 2005 January. The LKF makes decision to attach to club of dogs of Spitz breed dogs.

  • On 2005.г. On January, 27th in club already 24 Chow-chows, 6 basenjies, 6 Siberian huskies, 3 Samoyeds and 4 Aljasky malamutes. Two breeds are attached To club: the German small spitz-dog and the Miniature spitz-dog. On re-elections the new board of club has been chosen. The head of club had been again chose I.Baumerte.

    Now there are already 15 breeds presented in our club


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